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Massage for Back Pain

Are you looking for a way to relax your body and reduce back pain?

We’ve got you covered. Our Las Vegas massage therapists can help reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve flexibility. We offer a variety of different types of massage including Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Acupressure Massage, Swedish Massage, Nuru Massage, Shiatsu Massage, and Reflexology.

Our Las Vegas massage therapists specialize in treatments that will relieve tension in the muscles which can improve flexibility and reduce pain. We also offer services that increase circulation which can help reduce inflammation and improve healing.

Some of our other specializations include Relaxation techniques like Sports Massage which reduces muscle fatigue while improving performance; Shiatsu Massage uses pressure points to relieve tension and improve posture which can help reduce back pain as well as Reflexology which relieve pain and boosts relaxation and improves circulation.

If you suffer from chronic back pain or just need some extra help getting rid of it temporarily before an important event like a wedding or family reunion (both of which often involve lots of standing around), then give us a call today.

Back pain? You need thorough rubdown from Las Vegas Massage

Las Vegas massage. In these days, back pain is one of the most common health issues. The cause of back pain can be anything and the method of treatment also depends on the cause. In most cases, back pain is associated with tense muscles. You can get tense muscles from exhaustion, stress, lack of exercise, and inappropriate postures are some of the main causes of back pain.

But, if your back pain is very severe and serious, you may be suffering from a spine problem. It may also cause pain in the lower back, hips, and upper thighs. In that case, you have to have it diagnosed by a doctor and get clinical treatment.

However, if you are suffering from milder pain in your upper and lower back. This usually caused by intense exercise, stress or long hours of driving, it can be easily cured by both relaxing and therapeutic full-body las vegas massage, concentrating on the back.

Which massage is better?

There are quite a few relaxing therapeutic las vegas massages for back pain. Shiatsu back massage uses a technique where the pressure points of your back are activated in order to release tension from the muscles and re-initiate and fasten the flow of energy through your body.

Are you having pain in your neck and shoulder too?

Back pain, most of the time, comes with neck and shoulder pain as a “bonus”. The muscle tensions in those areas spread quickly as all the muscles of these three areas are connected. A gentle neck las vegas massage, which ends with a massage of the lower back, is the best way to keep this pain away from you. With this form of massage, using optimum techniques, the pain relief is usually immediate.

In fact, if you continue to receive regular therapeutic massage sessions, you will see a remarkable improvement, both in your physical and mental health. Over a period of time, regular massages can cause permanent cessation of pain, making your muscles more flexible and relaxed.

One hour relaxing las vegas massage session’s result is almost instantaneous. You will feel a lot lighter and rejuvenated. Before any massage session, it is important that you discuss your back condition with the massage therapist. The cause of your back pain is crucial in deciding the kind of massage that you will need.

Deep tissue massage for tight muscles

You should get a deep tissue massage if the cause of your back pain is stress and tensed muscles. It will not only release the tension from painful muscle but also rejuvenate your entire body and soul. On the other hand, if the pain has been caused because of a sprain or injury. The pressure should be light and smooth in order not to aggravate the pain.

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