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Book Massage Las Vegas. For same day reservation please call:702-366-4911

For same day reservation please call: 702-366-4911


Please submit the form one day before your appointment day. For Same day reservation please call : 702-366-4911 at least 1 hour before the appointment time . Book Massage Las VegasRemember, in order to secure the time with one of our Therapists we need a minimum 1 hours notice. We will need your prefered date, time, hotel and room number. You may contact us by texting your full information or calling our 24 hour number and Book us by calling :702-366-4911 We understand clearly that Total Discretion is what we practice in Outcall Massage Las Vegas. No information of yours would be passed on, no record would be kept after your massage session. There are strict privacy rules that we enforce on every private and very personal massage session.

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