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nuru massage las vegas

Nuru Massage ‘s Amazing Benefits

Relieve your Stress and Awaken your Energy with Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a stimulating experience that is enticing and also pleasurable. It uses special gel to bring this wonderful effect. It is first originated in Japan and spread around southern Asia. The massage is now gaining popularity in western countries. Sensual nuru massage does not only produce high sensations. It also has many health benefits that can boost your overall vitality and wellness. Here are five amazing benefits of the nuru massage. nuru massage

Nuru relieves stress

Being kindled by this activity not only gives a sense of pleasure but also decrease stress level. The result of a study in London shows that about 83% of those who had massage had an astonishing improvement in their mental and emotional well-being. Nuru massage is highly recommended for all those who wants to relieve their chronic stress. It is an exciting experience that will keep you happy for many hours after.

Nuru massage relaxes the muscles

The Nuru massage is ideal for relieving tension and sore muscles. The special methods adopted by experts in this massage will keep you revitalised and refreshed.

Nuru helps to release toxins

Nuru massage is a professional and holistic practice. This means that the therapist will utilise all the experiences she or he must have acquired to provide an efficient treatment. The methods used in this massage helps to remove a wide range of toxins from the body. All you have to do is to make sure that you drink the enough water. So that all the toxins that may have displaced will be flushed out 🙂

Your skin is left feeling moisturized and nourished

The gel used in nuru massage is very beneficial and moisturising. Not just that, it is also tasteless, odorless, it does not stain the body, and it is transparent. The main ingredient of the gel is seaweed. And seaweed is like the holy grail of the skin care in Asian countries. It will leave you feeling all smooth and moisturized.  This mixture nourishes the skin in deep level.

Nuru massage increases erotic sensitivity

The gentle touch on the skin triggers your sexual desire and gives you excitement and satisfaction. The main techniques that give such sensations are the skin to skin strokes and glides. All your focus will be on your sensations and it will awaken your sensual energy on another level.

Best Relaxing Massage for Stress and Lethargy

Widely practiced best relaxing massage types

Most massage treatments will relax you. However, with a relaxation massage, its aim is to only make you relaxed after undergoing a stress period. Nonetheless, some massage therapies are much better than others. The best relaxing massage will relieve stress by relieving the tension in your muscles and leave you oozing with a sense of well-being. It helps improve your circulation so that your skin and organs can get enough oxygen. In addition, it moves fluids through your lymphatic system. Below are some of the best relaxing massage therapies.

best relaxing massage Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is the best relaxing massage therapy. It is known as lighter and the most relaxing. Unlike the deep tissue massage, Swedish massage focuses on longer and more fluid strokes that are meant to provide a relaxing sensation as well as create a beneficial hormone response. A Swedish massage has been found to improve the immune function and reduce the circulating stress hormone in the body.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage therapy has also been found as the best relaxing massage therapy. Not only will your body be weighted down with the hot and smooth stones but the masseuse will use the stones to massage you. This massage therapy is more invigorating than the run of the mill massage. The heat is not only important in bringing you back to focus on the moment rather than let you drift off but also helps release the tension in your back and shoulders. This way, the muscles can be worked on effectively.

Chair massage

Mostly, a chair massage can be done anywhere, your home, hotel, as well as your office. For this reason, it is not as relaxing as the other massage therapies. However, it is more effective in releasing the tension from your neck and shoulder as well as the back. In a chair massage, you have to sit with face forward so that the therapist can work on your back. All in all, it is the best relaxing massage for the upper body.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is the best relaxing massage you can ever find. However, this massage therapy cannot be as relaxing during the process because it involves digging deep down your tissue to find the trigger points as well as improve mobility. Although it is not as comfortable, it should not be painful as well. A painful massage will defeat its purpose and build tension in your muscles.

Best Asian Massage Shiatsu Relives you from All the Stress

If you go through all the articles in our website you will find me mentioning a lot about shiatsu massage. In my experience, it truly is the best Asian massage as it does much more than just relaxing the recipient. So, I decided to ramble on how amazing this massage is and list couple of reasons why you must try it. best asian massage

What is this shiatsu- the best Asian massage anyway?

It was originated in ancient Japan and spread through almost all Asia. Chinese use shiatsu with traditional medicine to speed up the recovery of the patient. Western counties got interested in shiatsu in 70’s, and since then it’s gaining rapid popularity in holistic health practitioners. The word, shiatsu, means finger pressure. The therapist would only use her hand during the session unlike other Asian massage types where therapists use their knees, forearms, and feet.

Why do you need the massage?

This best Asian massage  relieve any pain and soreness wonderfully. It decreases fatigue, stress, and uneasiness by great wave of relaxation from the very core of your body. It also helps with sleep deprivation, back pain, especially lower back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, and headache. Japanese and Chinese mostly use this best Asian massage for its effectiveness in speeding up recovery time from injuries.

How exactly does the massage works?

According to oriental medicine, there are twelve meridians in human body. The energy, called qi, flows through those meridians helping out the blood to flow throughout the whole body at appropriate speed. But, when the energy cannot go freely through those meridians your vital organs cannot get enough blood and energy they need. So, your immune system goes down and you start getting sick, having headaches, and basically you become prone to illness. That’s when this best Asian massage comes into play. It helps the recipient’s mind and body to perform at top level possible. It is attained by stimulating and releasing the chemicals and hormones that assists in the healing of the body and mind. This is all accomplished with the magic of touch. The pressure level therapist applies must be different on each area depending on the amount of energy trapped in that particular part. Some might hurt far more than others. The more tender it is, the more energy is blocked there. This best Asian massage is no Swedish massage. It is supposed to hurt. But no pain no gain, right. Immediately after the session you actually feel the energy rushing through your body. Also, make sure you drink a lot of water during and after the session. It helps your body to flush out the toxins that was accumulated by those trapped energy.

Not a big fan of oil?

Also, if you don’t like oil massage, all the more reasons to opt for this best Asian massage shiatsu. Unlike most other massage types, the therapists do not use oil, and you have to be dressed in loose and comfortable clothes so that the therapist can do muscle manipulations easily. The treatment is done on the floor. If you are in great deal of muscle pain, it is probably the best massage to choose. But if the pain is too much, it is always good idea to go see your doctor first before taking any action by yourself.

Sensual Massage for Wonderful Night

Sensual Massage Types and Which One to Choose

Sensual massage is a pleasant way to relax. If you feel like trying relaxing massage and not quite sure which type to choose, information below might help you to make a decision. sensual massage

Different Types of Sensual Massage

Asian massage is famous for their healing powers and sensual properties. Actually, all massage types are sensual as there is skin to skin contact between therapist and the client. Some deceitful individuals or agencies use sensual massage as a cover for prostitution. But this fact should not prevent you from experiencing unique and healing therapy that solely aim for improving life. Traditional Asian massage concentrate on body energy, known as chi flow, and holistic Asian sensual massages infuse body energy with the recipient’s sensual reactions and needs. It makes the session extremely relaxing and whole. On the other hand, western massages, including Swedish massage, focus on relaxation and reduction of muscle pains.

Sensual Esalen Massage

Esalen sensual massage is basically same as Swedish massage. There is more interaction between recipient and the therapist than Swedish massage. Also the strokes are longer and have some sensual aspects. The massage is tailored from recipient’s needs. During the session the recipient is largely undraped and the therapist is clothed in minimal as well. Soothing music and aromatherapy is a must for Esalen massage. The purpose of this sensual massage is to give the recipient ultimate relaxation and heightened sensual energy.

Sensual Tantric Massage

Tantric massage was originated in India. It concentrates on energy flow in body, same as most Asian massages. Therapists uses pressure and strokes to stimulate and fasten the chi. At the same time they also excite the recipient’s sensuality using their entire body. Despite all this, the purpose of tantric massage is not sexual, but more spiritual.

Sensual Touch Massage

It is one of the best couple’s sensual massage. If you and your significant other is planning to have one of a kind intimate night while you are in Vegas, this is the massage type for you guys to go. Therapists help the couples to set the right and the most pleasant mood for intimacy. They do not use deep pressures and extreme joint manipulation to avoid “killing the mood”. So they use long soft strokes and sensual touches to heighten the recipients’ sexual desire and energy.

Knee Massage Las Vegas

Knee Massage Las Vegas – Full body Outcall Massage in Vegas

Knee massage Las Vegas. As people start getting older, they often fall victim to strains , sprains and resulting pains. As one of the major weight bearers of the body , knees tend to take pain. Often above the age of 30 , nearly 60% percent of the adult population experience knee pain or knee stiffness.
knee massage las vegas

A physio gives myotherapy using trigger points on athlete woman

Causes Of Knee Pain: Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, by a condition such as Arthritis or even an over use injury. Sports, exercises and other activities can cause muscle strains and more series injuries to ligaments and cartilage.
  • Knee Ligament Injury- Knee massage Las Vegas
The ligaments connect the thigh bones to the lower leg bones and keep the knee stable.Knee ligament strains and tears can cause severe knee pain.
  • Knee Cartilage Tears- Knee massage Las Vegas
Another injury includes tears in the cartilage of the knees.A tear in the knee cartilage causes knee surery.
  • Arthritis Of Knees- Knee Massage Las Vegas
Arthritis is a common cause of severe knee pain , stiffness and swelling.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Knee – Knee Massage Las Vegas
It causes the tissue around the joint to become inflames and thickened.
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee – Knee Massage Las Vegas
It is a wearing of the cartilage in the knee joint.Osteoarthritis causes limited knee motion , swelling and pain. Knee pain can either be on the specific area of the knee and it can also diffuse through out the knee and around it . Knee pain is also accompanied by physical restriction and difficulty in movement.The treatment of the knee pain depends on the cause of the knee pain. Home Remedies to Cure Knee Pain If you have sprained or strained your leg remember the acronym Rice to treat it. 1. Rest 2. Ice ( Apply a cold bag to your knee ) 3. Compression ( Wrap your knee in a tight compression bandage) 4. Elevation ( Rest and when you are resting make sure to keep your feet elevated) Knee Massages Massage is the application of various massage strokes to the body’s soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. According to a research those people who receive knee massage once or twice a week have reported more improved knee functioning. Even for people whose knees work fine , massage tends to increase the level of serotonin in the body which promotes deep sleep , reduces anxiety and acts as a natural pain reliever. Any one facing knee pain can benefit from the massage therapy.

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