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4 Hands Massage: Relaxation and Healing Services

The unique in Las Vegas Professional 4 hands massage performed by 2 highly trained therapists for the maximum of a synchronized perfection.

At 4 for You we specialize in this unique double intense experience of 4 handed body massages that you just have to try!

It is not just a massage it is a whole NEW experience

Part of the idea of the 4 Hands Massage is that your brain will not be able to predict the next move, motion, and is thus able to achieve an unusual level of relaxation and de-stress.

We have developed 4 Hands Massage Las Vegas technique using very long flowing movements in which two therapists synchronize creative strokes taken from Lomi-Lomi and Esalen Styles Massage, working in opposite direction either side of the body.

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Most people enjoy 4 hands massage, due to it being one of the most relaxing massage types. The feeling of having two massage therapists work on your body simultaneously can be quite peaceful. Clients usually require some time to get a customed to this particular massage, the sensation being quite different from a regular massage. Establishing good communication between the client and the therapists can be very helpful.

Some clients may want to take their time to learn about the massage therapists that are offering the service, learn about their qualifications and the general procedure of the massage so that no surprises may occur.

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Clients who have experienced the 4 Hands Massage generally have a very positive attitude toward it, seeing as it is a very relaxing, peaceful massage technique that helps them unwind and relieve stress.

At times, in 4 hands massage, each therapist may focus on a different area of the body, one working the lower parts of the body while the other works on the higher ones. Different massage techniques may also be used by each massage therapist, if they deem it necessary. One can be using Swedish massage techniques while the other does reflexology.

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