Swedish Massage

From the first touch of masseuse on your back you would feel like your body is dancing with her hands. Every touch, every stroke feels like it is reaching to the very core of your body and soul as a tranquilizer. At the end of a wonderful session you would feel so refreshed yet relaxed . And composed and, ready to drift into the dream land like a baby. This is how we aim our clients feel when they receive Swedish massage from us.

Why Swedish Massage

If your day has been busy, such as sightseeing, shopping, gaming or business meetings, at the end of the day your body would be worn out without a doubt. Your feet hurt, back feels stiff, knee stings and whatnots. The only and the most pleasing rescue from this temporary lethargy would be a massage! Wonderful one-hour long relaxing Swedish massage session by a professional therapist.

Swedish massage Las Vegas is everyone’s favorite massage as it includes all massage techniques in the gentlest ways. It is the most relaxing and soft massage among all the therapeutic massages practiced so far. One of the greatest benefits of Swedish massage is complete relaxation you would feel from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. This is done by working on the muscles with long gliding strokes and other relaxing techniques all in the direction to the heart.

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How is it Done?

First Swedish massage Las Vegas technique we use is the long, gliding strokes done with palms, fists and forearms. We use light pressure to spread the lotion evenly on your body using smooth and soothing feather like strokes. While stroking the entire body, we examine your whole body to find any kind of muscle tension you might carry. Once we identify the “problematic” muscles, we add pressure on the strokes to stretch the sore muscle. In that way you can relax completely and get ready for the upcoming step.

After that, we use kneading and rolling strokes to unknot the muscle bumps altogether. With the help of medium or high pressure kneading, the nerves in your body will be stimulated immensely resulting in better blood circulation.

Next is a warming stroke aimed to generate heat. We rub our palms together or rub on your skin directly to produce heat by friction. It helps the therapeutic essence oil penetrate into the skin thoroughly to make the best of the massage session.

This technique also can be used as a deeper level warm up for the muscles to be treated for more vigorous massage.

One more efficient technique is series of strokes that also effectively awakens nerves, warms up muscles, and stimulates circulation. We do it with our hands cupped, or palms flat, or fingers interlocked. Also we using medium to high pressure to end the back massage perfectly. It is also widely used for chair massage and shiatsu massage as well.

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