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Las Vegas massage in room is for those who wants to relax and relieve their stress and anxiety. Everyone suffers from some level of anxiety stress. Stress caused from money, work, family, love, and etc. And if you do not take care of it properly, the stress will build up and affect your health quite significantly. It influences your body, your thoughts, feelings, and most devastatingly, your behavior. Stress interferes with your hormone production and all the unpleasant changes start happening in your body. You might have heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity, all which becomes the foundation of more diseases and conditions. So, managing stress is the first thing you have to do if you intend to stay healthy and enjoy your life longer. As a massage therapist, the first thing I would recommend for relieving stress is to have therapeutic massage sessions with qualified “real” therapist. Massage is a wonderful body and mind healing method. You have no idea how much stress is reduced in your body with just one Las Vegas massage in room. If you don’t have time to go to spa, there’s always other options for you. Las Vegas in room massage offers professional therapeutic massage in your own hotel room for 24/7. But, if you feel like massage is not enough for you, you can make teeny tiny changes in your daily life. Those changes will eventually make your life much happier, healthier, and efficient! There are some proven methods that defeat stress proudly! Some shows its effects right away, and some takes a while to kick in, but all very effective. This time, Las Vegas massage in room suggests you to have nice hot green tea to improve your well being forever!

Green tea – Las Vegas massage in room

Huh? Sounds like a common sense.., right! The miracles of green tea have been well known not only in oriental countries, but also in western countries as well. It improves metabolism which increases fat burning and keeps you fit. It makes your brain work faster and efficient. It is one of the most effective methods to lower cancer risk. It also lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease. There are many many more benefits of green tea. One of the compound that is found in fresh green tea leaves is polyphenols. It has considerably high effect against diseases. It also increases your mood! The study conducted in 2013 found that if you drink enough green tea it reduces the mental distress (stress) by 20 percent. By “enough”, I mean, at least 4 cups of green tea everyday. If you do that, you will find yourself more energetic and much happier! las vegas massage in room

Las Vegas outcall massage – Direct to your room

Las Vegas Outcall Massage – Complete Muscle Relaxation

Las Vegas outcall massage offers over 8 kinds of massage. There are hundreds of massage techniques using various kinds of deep and light pressure. There are also many ways to receive massage. You can stay fully clothed, or completely naked (but covered all the time except from the area that is being massaged), sit on a chair or lay on a massage table, or even lay on thin mat on the floor. The massage could last for only a few minutes to two hours, depending on each client’s condition. Las Vegas outcall massage often offers 60 minutes massage which is a perfect length of time for relaxing massages. If you want more therapeutic massage, you should opt for 90 minutes massage so that the masseuse can focus on problematic area more. las vegas outcall massage Despite all those variations and different techniques, massage is all about one thing: manipulating your muscle tissues so that your muscles have no bumps and knots. Perfectly lean and straight muscle fibers are the ultimate goal of the massage therapists. In order to do so, the therapists should reach to every muscle in body, using fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows, or even feet to promote the blood flow to your muscles. I’m sure most people would agree that massage feels good. But it does so much more than just making you feel relaxed. A study conducted in 2012 shows that massage enhances the production of compounds in body that combats with muscle injuries and inflammation. Also, 2011 study states that a massage is extremely effective for treating chronic back pain. Many clients complain about constant dull or sharp pain in their lower and upper back, and neck. Dull tightness and the pain are usually caused by lifestyle factors. Wrong sleeping position, wrong sitting habit, carrying handbag only in one arm, or sitting on couch too much etc, the cause could be the tiniest thing you could never have guessed. In case of sharp pain, a client should consult with doctor first and come to us with the diagnosis, only then Las Vegas outcall massage can effectively help you. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know what type of massage you want. Our professional Las Vegas outcall massage therapists will assess your body condition through their own techniques. Let them know if you have particular area that has been bothering you. Or if you want some really deep stretches. Massage is all about communication, just let the therapist know what you want and as professionals, she/he knows exactly what to do!

Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Outcall 24/7

Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Wonders of Massage therapy!

full body massage las vegasHaving full body Massage Las Vegas is not luxury anymore. It’s an absolute necessity. Just as much your body needs regular exercise, good food, and enough sleep it needs full body massage for your well-being. “Why exactly do we need massage”, you ask? Well here are two of the many magics massage can do:

It is a painkiller – Full body massage Las Vegas

Recent study result states that massage activates the brain area which is activated when a person takes pills for painkiller. It could be any kind of massage. Full body massage Las Vegas is definitely effective. But if you have pain in certain area of your body, let’s say shoulders, it means your muscle fibers are tightened and contracted. You need more than just relaxing massage.Your masseuse can feel the tightened muscle by running her hands over your shoulder with a bit pressure and if she identifies any knots (the tightened and clumped muscle) it is best if she concentrates on each knot for about 30 seconds maximum, otherwise it will be painful. She will press on the knot about 10 seconds with moderate pressure and it will increase to the point you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. Make sure you take a deep breath constantly. And at the end of the session you might feel a bit drained and full of pink and red spots on your sore areas, but the next morning, you will feel so incredibly light that you might be afraid of going out on a windy day! Hehe

Warm up for exercise – Full body massage Las Vegas

 Let’s say you have a sore muscle and think “ Meh, I don’t have to spend so much money (it’s actually not that much though..) on massage, I could just work out and feel awesome!” Well, bad news! If you go to gym and work out with sore muscles, those tight muscle are going to get more clumped. Also, the tighter the muscle the more resistance it will create to your movements. It makes your arms and legs feel frustratingly heavy. In other words, work-out and massage really goes hand in hand. You have to relax and loosen your muscles. Massage is like engine oil. You have to take care of your muscle relaxation more if you work-out actively. The more miles you go the more often you have to change the oil! SEE OUR THERAPIST  

Las Vegas Massage : Back pain

Back pain? You need thorough rubdown from Las Vegas Massage! 

Las Vegas Massage

Las Vegas massage. In these days, back pain is one of the most common health issues. The cause of the back pain can be anything and the method of treatment also depends on the cause. In most cases, back pain is associated with tense muscles. You can get tense muscle from exhaustion, stress, lack of exercise, and inappropriate postures are some of the main causes of back pain. las vegas massage   But, if your back pain is very severe and serious, you may be suffering from spine problem. It may also cause pain in the lower back, hips, and upper thighs. In that case, you have to have it diagnosed by a doctor and get clinical treatment. However, if you are suffering from milder pain in your upper and lower back, usually caused by intense exercise, stress or long hours of driving, it can be easily cured by both relaxing and therapeutic full body las vegas massage, concentrating on back.

Which massage is better?

There are quite a few number of relaxing therapeutic las vegas massage for back pain. Shiatsu back massage uses a technique where the pressure points of your back are activated in order to release tension from the muscles and re-initiate and fasten the flow of energy through your body.

Are you having pain in your neck and shoulder too?

Back pain, most of the time, comes with neck and shoulder pain as a “bonus”. The muscle tensions in those areas spread quickly as all the muscles of these three areas are connected. A gentle neck las vegas massage, which ends with a massage of the lower back, is the best way to keep this pain away from you. With this form of massage, using optimum techniques, the pain relief is usually immediate. In fact, if you continue to receive regular therapeutic massage sessions, you will see a remarkable improvement, both in your physical and mental health. Over a period of time, regular massages can cause permanent cessation of pain, making your muscles more flexible and relaxed. One hour relaxing las vegas massage session’s result is almost instantaneous. You will feel a lot lighter and rejuvenated. Before any massage session, it is important that you discuss your back condition with the massage therapist. The cause of your back pain is crucial in deciding the kind of massage that you will need.

Deep tissue massage for tight muscles

You should get a deep tissue massage if the cause of your back pain is stress and tensed muscles. It will not only release the tension from painful muscle, but also rejuvenate your entire body and soul. On the other hand, if the pain has been caused because of sprain or injury, the pressure should be light and smooth in order not to aggravate the pain.