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Slender fingers of steel and hands that deliver, Don’t be squeamish when you opt for Swedish and Deep Tissue is never an issue!

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My concierge Vegas Mobile Services will be at your hotel in 45 min or less. I have been providing Vegas Mobile Services for the past 9 years and most of my services are provided to the repeat clientele that continue year after year. The most important thing to me is what you think of the service I rendered to you. I will deliver no less than very BEST. with all my love Tess. for more information please do to my website https://lovetess.com    If it is true all encompassing massage is what you are after, then my hands are for you and my touch is for your being. Time and again I’ve been told that I have  ” a special touch” a touch which comes from my heart. That is why I leave my clients relaxed and easy with a memory and feeling of a joy that no one can eclipse…

https://massagelasvegas.com/deep-tissue-massage-las-vegas/ The Deep Tissue Vegas Mobile Services is a massage that targets “adhesions,” or the soreness of a muscle group over-stressed by intensity or a new activity. Adhesions are those painful “knots” i.e., clumps of rigid tissue, that turn your otherwise great day into an “Oh, gosh, I can’t deal with this right now,” kind of day. If your week has been stressful and overactive as in the hustle and bustle of meeting deadlines, dealing with the “unruly twins,” or your trainer at the gym decided you’ve been “slaking off” and now you feel like you’ve been beaten to within an “inch of your life with a baseball bat,” then “let my fingers do the walking and start your body talking,” a Deep Tissue Massage is “calling.” “My Deep Tissue Mobile Massage Las Vegas can make you recover twice as fast.” Please call:702-918-5959, 24/7 and remember Gratuities Graciously Accepted ! Thank you, With all my love Tess.


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