Eight years ago, I graduated from a prestigious massage school in Chicago. I am a Massage Therapist as well as personal trainer. Throughout my years of experience, I have worked in notable SPAs in east cost but recently I moved to  Las Vegas. I like here because of high volume of tourists and conventioneers coming here year after year. I am dedicated in treating muscular injuries. Working together, I can help you to prevent future injuries by showing you how to maintain muscular balance through regular massage. Please ask for me and I heal you Better!

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Asian Massage in Las Vegas to Prevent Injuries

Injury prevention massage for me is like meditation. It’s about clearing out my mind and being as present in the moment as I can possibly be. Anyone can go like this (makes a kneading motion). But it’s your presence and connection that makes the work profound.

I try reading little signs of discomfort. I might sense that a client is steering me away from a particular area. Or a facial expression can give me a clue. I try not to get frustrated with someone’s difficulty in letting go. People have the most trouble letting go in their pelvic structure — their butt and hips. And when they’re struggling, I’m thinking, Come on, let it go, let it go. When I sense someone finally loosening up, I say to myself, Yeah! and now I can work on my injury prevention massage.

Myofascial release technique is used in Asian Massage in Las Vegas

Myofascial release is a manual technique for stretching the fascia to bring the body back into equilibrium. Your fascia is a continuous network of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal systems in your body. It is placed between the skin and the underlying muscle and bone structure. Injuries, stress, trauma, and poor posture may all create fascia restriction, and myofascial release aims to release fascia restriction and repair fascia tissue.

Please call our 24 hour operations center now. Operators are standing by to assist you.