I am originally from Mexico and I earned my Certified Massage License from Nevada. I decided to move to California because it is too hot in Las Vegas during the summer time, but do notworry : my return customers!!!  I am traveling now between two states bringing my dedication and love with me. I customizing each session of my massage therapy to meet the individual needs of  all my clients. I enjoy being challenged. I specialize in Swedish and Deep tissue massages. You will not be disappointed.

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Angelina! She does Asian Massage in Las Vegas!

There has never been as much interest in mindfulness and meditation as there is right now. Mindfulness is a popular trend in the worlds of business, sports and self-improvement and massage. We can call it as Oriental or Asian Massage in Las Vegas!


Angelina can help you be more productive, less stressed and more effective as a therapist. Mindful massage is easy to do and can increase your client’s enjoyment of the massage experience, and yours as well.


This is now mainstream and we all know the importance of mindfulness and being present. But how often do we put our meditation techniques into practise during everyday activities? Probably not as often as we should. Sometimes we don’t even realise just how much meditation may be able to enhance an experience for us. Mindful Massage is a great example of this.

By combining it with Oriental Asian  Massage in Las Vegas , enable you to tune in to your body’s thoughts and feelings and discover new meditation skills, which you can apply to your daily life. Interactive yet relaxing, it eases and transforms tight, contracted muscles, while providing guided affirmations and visualisations that create positive feelings and thoughts. Pauses of stillness and silence are also integral to a treatment that helps restore wellbeing in a safe, nurturing environment.

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