I specialize in Thai Massage because because I am originally from Thailand. I used to have Thai Massage Shop back to Bangkok and I practicing it with great passion. What can I say, I love what I do and I massage you Better!

B Silent Baby oil Treatment by Vena

“Just walking into the calm, candlelit treatment rooms at Vena’s shop in Thailand is enough to make your shoulders instantly slump. But it gets better – before you’re invited to climb onto the blanket-swaddled bed, you’ll sit with your feet in a bowl of warm water, infused with lavender-scented oil. It’s a powerful thing to have you feet kneaded and scrubbed – and by the time you do make it on to the massage mat you will be distinctly soporific. What follows is an expertly-administered back, neck and shoulders massage, using plenty of B Silent Baby oil. If that doesn’t get to grips with knots and soothe tired muscles, a series of Shiatsu-style stretches (to loosen stiff joints and unstick the ‘fascia’, the sticky web of connective tissue that covers the muscles) will do the trick. Finally, flip over for a face and scalp acupressure massage- it’s so hypnotic you will be snoring by the end. Jump in a cab and go straight hotel to bed. The next morning, you’ll wake up feeling brand-new.”

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Hotel Room Massage Las Vegas

Why is Hotel room massage Las Vegas so popular? More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of massage therapy. As this understanding grows, too, consumers are also expanding where they are receiving massage therapy. One service that is seeing growth is visiting Hotel room massage Las Vegas, where massage therapist travel to the client.

Relax in comfort of your home or hotel room

Many people simply feel more comfortable in their own space. Whether it has to do with social anxiety about going out, being sensitive to energies, smells, or other stimuli in a public spa or massage clinic, or just a feeling of more restful peace in your own home, having a mobile massage therapist can eliminate the need to leave the house, which in turns helps to feel more relaxed and have a better overall massage experience. Some people just generally feel more relaxed being in their own surroundings – they have a sense of comfort.

For people dealing with serious injuries, having a massage therapist come to you might be the only way to experience the benefits of massage. Many forms of therapeutic massage can speed healing from accidents and help to mitigate chronic pain, issues which might prevent someone from going to a spa or clinic to receive a massage that is greatly needed. Forming a relationship with a qualified massage therapist can be a huge support in the recovery process from injury or debilitating pain.

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