From Russia with love! I have hands that can bend steel but I will not break you. I am gentle and strong. I can offer you solutions for muscular problems or any related dysfunctions. I am well known in Las Vegas for my effective Deep Tissue Massage. My education and extensive experience has enabled me to gain the knowledge of body mechanics. And, I am very popular among women. Please ask for me.

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Many people — men and women — don’t want a male therapist because of the misconception that there’s a sexual connection with massage services. Sometimes women are afraid to go to a man because they’re afraid he’ll see her through the eyes of a man on the street. But it’s our obligation to see things professionally. If you go to a doctor , for example, for a breast exam, you trust that your doctor is looking at your breast as a piece of tissue. It’s the same with us.  So Please do not be afraid ask for me: for Jasper male therapist!

I like the draping. Draping a sheet over the parts that I am not working on allows a clear boundary between the client and the Jasper male therapist. I work only on the area that’s uncovered, and the clients know that, so they don’t have anxiety. Las Vegas has specific guidelines about draping. At first I thought they were too much, but now I appreciate the clarity. Some clients  making jokes about the draping, but it is ok because it is  making  things feel safe for me.

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