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Couples Massage with Romantic Scents and Aromatherapy

Have one-hour couples massage session. Relax side by side. Indulge in your romantic moment with your beloved one and feel yourselves melting into a heavenly state of bliss.

Having an unwinding and soothing couples massage after you are done with all the adventures of Vegas is the perfect way to end this blissful day with your significant half.

What to Expect?

You can choose any massage you want for the couples room massage. Just let the therapist know if you have any painful muscle that is bothering you, or that you want just relaxing massage. She will recommend different sorts of massage types that would satisfy your needs.

husband wife couple getting massage

During a full body couples massage, people usually immediately let go of their anxiety of past and future. They live in the present moment, and feel the sheer joy of growing calmness and relaxation in their body and mind.

Having such blessing experience with your half and being fully engaged in an activity together that can help you reconnect and become more affectionate for each other is a real quality time. Also, just as the massage relaxes all the muscles in your body, it also relaxes your mind. It makes you feel less anxious and less insecure about being with your partner, both on physical and emotional level.

More than that, studies show that any kind of massage creates happy hormones. These hormones promote the affection and intimacy between couples. That perfectly explains why all of my couples massage clients can’t help smiling to each other and hold hands throughout the whole massage session. Well, who cannot be happy when sharing such blissful moment and calming feelings with the one we love.

Most couples try new restaurants in town together. Go to new movies together, so why not having professional full body outcall couples massage together while you are in Vegas! The relaxing and lovey-dovey moments with your partner during the massage will be something truly memorable!

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