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  • Behind a good Massage company, there is an outstanding masageTherapist!

Behind a good Massage company, there is an outstanding masageTherapist!

     Massage Las Vegas Therapists.
Our Therapists come from all over the world. They are all highly skilled and specialized to provide their excellence in their respective areas just for you. We look forward to serving you with a smile and the best concierge service in Las Vegas.

Therapists of Massage Las Vegas

BAILEY ____________________________

I recently graduated from massage school. Helping you to feel your best through Massage Therapy is my passion. I am specialized in the ancient art of Chinese Tui Na Massage. With dedication to my craft, I have mastered finding the vital points of the body that remove blockages and keep the energy moving through the meridians. I use firm pressure to help you relax. Please ask for me for very Deep Tissue .

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JENNY ____________________________

I am passionate about Massage Therapy. My training, education and experience allow me to safely address a variety of concerns. I’m specialized in Sports Massage. I am fluent in Chinese and Korean, born and raised in LA. I am particularly interested in how to reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing your body and mind. When we meet, your stress will be beat.

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CLARA ____________________________

Eight years ago, I graduated from a prestigious massage school in Chicago. I am a Massage Therapist as well as Esthetician . Throughout my years of experience, I have worked in notable SPAs like Mandalay Bay resort and SPA Las Vegas. I am dedicated to treating muscular injuries. Working together, I can help you to prevent future injuries by showing you how to maintain muscular balance through regular massage. I speak French and German .

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BELLA ____________________________

I think Massage is a science and an art. As former Cirque Du Soleil gymnast in Las Vegas I always give my clients the very best. Every Massage session is important for me because you are important. My skills will tantalize you. My techniques will surprise you. Feel how I will perform a dance like movement that will slowly flow into a relaxing Massage.

Massage in Las Vegas

ANGELINA ____________________________

I am committed to continue learning and growing in the Massage profession because I am only 21. My holistic approach consists of both Western and Eastern techniques. My Swedish  involves lighter strokes to relieve muscle tension and stress. Please book me for a wonderfully healing and relaxing Massage. I am fluent in Spanish , born in Puerto Rico.

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VENA ____________________________

I always make sure that I provide you with a top quality Therapeutic Massage. I specialize in Thai Massage because I am originally from Thailand . I used to have Thai Massage shop back to Bangkok and I practicing it with great passion.What can I say, I love what I do! Call me now, I am waiting to help you.

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LUNA ____________________________

I am a dedicated, friendly, warm and very understanding Therapist. My Massage is very intuitive and the variety of Massage styles that I offer highlights my ability to adapt to your specific needs. I will give you a personalized treatment that is customized just for you. Fluent in Spanish , also good in Pole Dancing.

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ANGIE ____________________________

I am passionate and keen to learn more. I always deliver the very best. I am genuine with a sense of care. I am very talented in Aromatherapy Massage and I will use long, continuous, flowing strokes which will relax your entire body. My friends say I am very good cook and I speak Mongolian and Chinese.

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Avi ____________________________

I am originally from Mexico and I recently earned my Certified Massage License. I enjoy being challenged. I am dedicated to customizing each session to meet the individual needs of my clients. I specialize in Swedish and Deep tissue massages. You will not be disappointed.

massage las vegas therapists

JESSICA ____________________________

I am from Taiwan and I feel Massage Therapy is a blessing because it gives me the ability to help others who suffer from stress and pain. My passion is to serve my clients by relieving their pain and giving them hope for a pain-free life. I am very good in Myofascial Therapy, releasing muscular shortness & tightness.

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KAY ____________________________

I am originally from China, but I fell in love with America. I have been in Las Vegas since 2010. My goal is to provide a wellness plan built around your individual requirements. My modes of modality include Deep muscle Therapy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and the ancient art of Japanese Shiatsu massage.

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JASPER ____________________________

From Russia with love! I have hands that can bend steel but I will not break you. I am gentle and strong. I can offer you solutions for muscular problems or any related dysfunctions. I am well known in Las Vegas for my effective Deep Tissue Massage. My education and extensive experience has enabled me to gain the knowledge of body mechanics. And, I am very popular among women. Please as for me.

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COUPLES MASSAGE _____________________________________

Are you looking for something special for you and your partner? Why not have us tempt your souls with a once in a lifetime experience! We are passionate about massage and its healing benefits . We believe massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity in todays’s hectic and busy life. Please book us for a Couples Massage.

We provide only legitimate massage services by only fully Certified Massage Therapists. Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy.

Do not harrass the therapist(s) as we have no tolerance for inappropriate behavior Such behavior will result in the immediate termination of the session.

We have right to refuse the service!


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