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Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Outcall 24/7

Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Wonders of Massage therapy!

full body massage las vegasHaving full body Massage Las Vegas is not luxury anymore. It’s an absolute necessity. Just as much your body needs regular exercise, good food, and enough sleep it needs full body massage for your well-being. “Why exactly do we need massage”, you ask? Well here are two of the many magics massage can do:

It is a painkiller – Full body massage Las Vegas

Recent study result states that massage activates the brain area which is activated when a person takes pills for painkiller. It could be any kind of massage. Full body massage Las Vegas is definitely effective. But if you have pain in certain area of your body, let’s say shoulders, it means your muscle fibers are tightened and contracted. You need more than just relaxing massage.Your masseuse can feel the tightened muscle by running her hands over your shoulder with a bit pressure and if she identifies any knots (the tightened and clumped muscle) it is best if she concentrates on each knot for about 30 seconds maximum, otherwise it will be painful. She will press on the knot about 10 seconds with moderate pressure and it will increase to the point you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. Make sure you take a deep breath constantly. And at the end of the session you might feel a bit drained and full of pink and red spots on your sore areas, but the next morning, you will feel so incredibly light that you might be afraid of going out on a windy day! Hehe

Warm up for exercise – Full body massage Las Vegas

 Let’s say you have a sore muscle and think “ Meh, I don’t have to spend so much money (it’s actually not that much though..) on massage, I could just work out and feel awesome!” Well, bad news! If you go to gym and work out with sore muscles, those tight muscle are going to get more clumped. Also, the tighter the muscle the more resistance it will create to your movements. It makes your arms and legs feel frustratingly heavy. In other words, work-out and massage really goes hand in hand. You have to relax and loosen your muscles. Massage is like engine oil. You have to take care of your muscle relaxation more if you work-out actively. The more miles you go the more often you have to change the oil! SEE OUR THERAPIST