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Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Wonders of Massage therapy!

full body massage las vegasHaving full body Massage Las Vegas is not luxury anymore. It’s an absolute necessity. Just as much your body needs regular exercise, good food, and enough sleep it needs full body massage for your well-being. “Why exactly do we need massage”, you ask? Well here are two of the many magics massage can do:

It is a painkiller – Full body massage Las Vegas

Recent study result states that massage activates the brain area which is activated when a person takes pills for painkiller. It could be any kind of massage. Full body massage Las Vegas is definitely effective. But if you have pain in certain area of your body, let’s say shoulders, it means your muscle fibers are tightened and contracted. You need more than just relaxing massage.Your masseuse can feel the tightened muscle by running her hands over your shoulder with a bit pressure and if she identifies any knots (the tightened and clumped muscle) it is best if she concentrates on each knot for about 30 seconds maximum, otherwise it will be painful. She will press on the knot about 10 seconds with moderate pressure and it will increase to the point you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. Make sure you take a deep breath constantly. And at the end of the session you might feel a bit drained and full of pink and red spots on your sore areas, but the next morning, you will feel so incredibly light that you might be afraid of going out on a windy day! Hehe

Warm up for exercise – Full body massage Las Vegas

 Let’s say you have a sore muscle and think “ Meh, I don’t have to spend so much money (it’s actually not that much though..) on massage, I could just work out and feel awesome!” Well, bad news! If you go to gym and work out with sore muscles, those tight muscle are going to get more clumped. Also, the tighter the muscle the more resistance it will create to your movements. It makes your arms and legs feel frustratingly heavy. In other words, work-out and massage really goes hand in hand. You have to relax and loosen your muscles. Massage is like engine oil. You have to take care of your muscle relaxation more if you work-out actively. The more miles you go the more often you have to change the oil! SEE OUR THERAPIST  

Asian Room Massage 24/7

Asian Room Massage

Asian Room Massage – Tui Na for Muscle and Joint Pains

asian room massage Asian room massage Tui Na is basically a cross between shiatsu massage and acupuncture. It is applied for opening and freeing the energy channels of your body and lubricating your joints. If you are looking for a relaxing and soothing massage then Asian room massage Tui Na is definitely not for you. But, No pain, no gain, it will hurt especially if its your first time. The therapist presses the acupuncture points to stimulate the flow of energy with considerable pressure. The pain will not go away after a couple of days. But once your body gets used to the “pleasant” pain, you will get addicted to the massage as it gives your body the freedom you have never experienced.

What is Asian room massage Tui Na for?

It uses different kinds of techniques that are similar to western types of massages like Swedish and Deep tissue. The only difference of Asian room massage Tui Na is more therapeutic than regular relaxing massages. If you are suffering from chronic pain or injuries tui na will help you to relieve the pain or, with series of therapeutic sessions, heal the injuries altogether. Tui na is best for treating joint problems, injured muscles, and asymmetric skeletal structure. Also, if you have spasms during the night and constant pain in your lower and upper back and shoulders try Asian massage Tui Na with true professionals. You will be surprised by the results.

It works with energy..?

Asian room massage Tui Na does not only work on the muscles and joints. At much deeper level, it deals with the energy flow in your body. The therapist does a thorough check on client’s body with her hands and evaluate the movement of the energy. If the flow is not consistent she works on the specific body parts that promote the normal flow. Tui Na is all about maintaining a balance in body. It is not only designed to cure problems but also to prevent them. If your energy is distributed equally to every part of your body, your health will be at the top-notch level. This is true not just for physical health, but for mental and emotional well-being as well. If you want to just try different type of massage therapy than you normally have, we would suggest you go for Tui Na massage. “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Las Vegas Asian Massage – From True Professionals

Las Vegas Asian Massage – Shiatsu Massage

las vegas asian massage Las Vegas Asian Massage. Let alone Swedish massage, there is a time when even good deep tissue massage is not enough to relieve stress for some of our clients. That’s when the Asian massage comes in to teach some lesson to those stubborn knots and pain. And one of the most popular effective massages is Shiatsu. It calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which controls blood circulation and muscles. Japanese and Chinese have been practicing shiatsu for hundreds of years and it got widespread since only 70’s. Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Therapists use their thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet to apply intense pressure on energy pathways in body to release the blocked energy, qi. When Qi energy, the core energy that flows through every inch of our meridian, gets blocked, the problems begin. We get stressed, fall ill, blood pressure goes down etc. Also, this Las Vegas Asian Massage concentrates on stretching and rotating limbs and joints. There are twelve meridians in human body. Lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, heart governor, triple heater, gall bladder and liver are the meridians each regulates the specific organs.

What Does Shiatsu Feel Like?

Shiatsu, the Las Vegas asian massage, might seem like it is a bit painful as therapists use their fingers and elbows most of the time instead of their palms. The pressure level must be different on each area depending on your health condition. Some might hurt far more than others. The more the point hurts the more energy is locked there. And it has to be worked on thoroughly. But, if you feel any discomfort or serious pain, other than the “ feels good” pain during the session, it is a must that you let the therapist know so that they could adjust the pressure for you.

How does it work?

Unlike other massages, shiatsu Las Vegas Asian massage, does not use oil as there’s not need of any gliding techniques. You can have the massage fully clothed. But it would be easier for you and the masseurs if you wear loose and comfortable clothes. The treatment is done on the floor.

Why Shiatsu?

Shiatsu Las Vegas asian massage, has countless benefit to your body, mind, and soul. To name a few of them:
  • Relaxation
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Faster healings of injuries
  • Neck stiffness
  • Coughs and colds
  • Stronger joints
  • Flexible muscles
  • Menstrual pains
Book a wonderful Las Vegas asian massage here from a true professionals!

Couples Outcall Massage Vegas

Couples Outcall Massage Vegas – Most Caring Gift for Your Loved One!

couples outcall massage vegasCouples outcall massage Vegas is a set of most efficient techniques that solely concentrates on bringing rejuvenation to your body and soul. When gentle stretching and easing rubs are applied just where you needed, it relieves stress and tension from your muscles. Immediately, you will feel refreshed and revitalized. The addition of aromatic oil blends hydrate your skin. But if you are uncomfortable with strong aroma, we always carry regular moisturizing and fragrance free massage oils with us, just in case. When your blood circulation is improved while having a therapeutic couples outcall massage Vegas, all the toxins are removed from the skin because of the increased oxygen circulation. A radiant glow usually follows as the toning effect a couples outcall massage Vegas has on your skin. This extremely relaxing massage therapy enhances your mood, lowers, and relieves stress. It also gives you a great overall body care by bringing a sense of rejuvenation and wellbeing. Your relaxed muscles give off healing energy both during and after the couples outcall massage Vegas. The soothing and astounding feeling of spiritual connection between the mind and body while having massage is quite unforgettable. It brings together both regenerating energy and great sense of relaxation. With enhanced energy, your concentration is high as well, making you ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Other benefits of therapeutic massage include the balance of your internal system, relief of muscle tension, increased blood circulation, and smoother and glowing texture of the skin. With the right combination of oils, your skin is thoroughly exfoliated and deeply cleansed. A therapeutic massage can bring you to a time and place of complete relaxation and tranquility. You can choose from various kinds of massage our therapists master. Couples usually go for Swedish massage only with different pressure level. Let a professional massage therapist show you how simple yet right touches can benefit your entire wellbeing. Don’t waste your relaxing time commuting to spa, give us a call and we will send a professional licensed massage therapist to your room. Find out how much better you will feel after getting couples outcall massage Vegas with your loved one.

Mobile Massage Las Vegas 24/7

Mobile Massage Las Vegas

Mobile Massage Las Vegas – How does it Work?

mobile massage las vegas Mobile Massage Las Vegas is available in anywhere you are for 24/7. Why spend your time commuting to and from spa center as there’s such a convenient service! There are some of the most asked questions when a client book for a mobile massage Las Vegas session.

 Who will be my massage therapist?

Your mobile massage Las Vegas session will be done by a fully licensed professional who completed every training that the state requires and has years of experience. Every therapist use variety of techniques and each of them has his/ her own master techniques. But as professionals, they always adjust the techniques for the client’s physical uniqueness to get the best result. Also, you may request a certain technique or modality if you want. You may also request your preference as to a male or female therapist.

How long is one session?

The average full-body mobile massage Las Vegas session is one hour if you wish to just relax. But, if you have areas that need extra attention, your entire session might be spent on those areas. But you could always discuss with your therapist whether you need to stretch the session. Many of clients prefer 90- minute session if they want to relieve certain pain or stiffness and to relax their entire body. But if you have no particular areas that need care, then 60 minute is definitely recommended.

Where will I be massaged?

Your mobile massage Las Vegas session will take place at the convenience of your own place. Hotel, home or office. Most massages take place on the bed. Some takes place on the floor, especially if the massage you are having is thai or other Asian massage. You can, of course request a massage table. But you have to make an appointment at least two days before the appointment. You can request a massage table, but we need a days notice for that request.

Should I undress completely?

Most massage techniques require the client to be completely unclothed. But if you feel uncomfortable being naked, you can decide what amount of clothing you want to wear. You will be properly draped for the entire session. Only the areas that are being massaged will be exposed.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

You are strongly recommended to discuss it with your therapist. Mobile massage Las Vegas full body session typically massages neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, buttock area, legs and feet. You can also request head and facial massage. The genital areas will not be touched for both genders, and breasts for female clients.

Will oil or lotion be used?

A light oil or lotion is used to permit your muscles to be worked on without bruising the skin. Mobile massage Las Vegas uses two kinds of oils. Aromatic and hydrating oil. Both hydrate the skin and easily absorbed. The difference is just in the smell. But there are some techniques that don’t use oil.

Should my therapist know about my medical condition?

Yes. It is very important that you let the therapist know any health problems or medications you are taking. If you are under a doctor’s care, it is strongly advised that you ask your doctor about taking a massage session.

What will the massage or bodywork feel like?

It depends on what kind of massage you are having. The therapist will ask what level of pressure you want the therapist applies to the techniques. Strong, medium, or light. During the whole session the therapist will check up on you if the pressure is ok for you. In a general Swedish massage, your session will start with light, flowing strokes that help calming your nervous system and relaxing exterior muscle. As your body becomes relaxed, the therapist will increase the pressure to reach to the inner muscles. You should let the therapist know immediately if you feel any discomfort.

How will I feel after the session?

You will feel relaxed. People often experience increased energy, sharpened awareness, greater flexibility and more productivity which can last for days. Also you should drink plenty of water prior and after your session to chase away the toxins that has been released through massaging.

Couples Massage Las Vegas 24/7

couples massage las vegas

Couples massage Las Vegas – Strengthen Your Relationship

couples massage las vegas Imagine you and your partner lying down in the same room getting a relaxing massage together! The flow of calmness and happiness overwhelms your entire body as you are together. There are so many health benefits of getting a massage. But when it comes to couples massage, it’s more about strengthening your relationship. The hectic pace of this crazy society has definitely taken its toll on our relationships and health. Taking time for massage together is one beautiful token of your love and care for your partner. By getting couples massage las vegas, you kill two rabbits with one stone! First, you get to have some real quality time with your partner. Second, the massage sweeps away the stress out of your mind. That way, you get better ways to get more in tune with your partner, and feel each other in deeper level. Good or bad, almost all romantic relationships doomed to go through a great amount of stress. It, of course, has negative influence on the relationships. Eventually, it affects healthy communication patterns of couples.

By engaging in some relaxing activities such as couples massage Las Vegas, you and your partner can gain more control over the amount of stress in your lives.

Touches, especially professional massages have been known to relax your senses, release toxins from the body. It also improves every circulatory system. Fortunately, people are now more aware of this powerful therapeutic remedy. And out of many countries, America is one place where this trend is increasing at a fast pace. You can find spa centers or massage parlors almost at every shopping center now, especially in Las Vegas.

Outcall couples massage Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to relax your senses even though you are busy and are unable to visit a massage center together.

If done right, any kind of massage is beneficial for your body. But, since you are spending your time and money for this, I suggest you opt for the best quality. Just imagine how disastrous it would be if the masseurs does not know what to do when you request her to concentrate on your knees, or lower back. All our masseurs have holistic experience of more than five years and many of them have worked in reputable spa centers before. As we have many returning customers, we are confident to say that we provide some really good massage services. Step away from all the chaos of stress and indulge in a mind blowing experience of couples massage Las Vegas.

24 Hour Massage Las Vegas

24 hour Massage Las Vegas

24 Hour Massage Las Vegas – Benefits are endless!

24 hour massage las vegas 24 hour Massage Las Vegas is extremely convenient for those who are having fun in Vegas! You can call us anytime of the day and night, and boom! A professional therapist will be at your door in less than thirty minutes. How great is that! We offer wide variety of massage types for you. And the masseurs will adapt any kind of massage for only your particular needs and health conditions. Full body massage not only relaxes your body. A lot of things happen in your body under the gentle yet firm touch of the therapist! Back pain, headache, and joint pain are the most common problem people have. Our experienced therapists can take care of them in only one session of full body massage.

Back pain- 24 Hour massage Las Vegas

It would not be so exaggerated to say that every person on this planet has some level of problem with their back. Every hour we drive, every minute we spend sitting in front of computer is giving tremendous pressure to our spine. Especially if you tend to slouch and sit tilted to one side. When the muscle along the spine is massaged, it helps the spine to maintain its natural and healthy line. Also, there’s a study showing that back massage actually works better than acupuncture!

Headache-24 Hour massage Las Vegas

Recent study showed that when people with constant and dull headaches (migraines) are massaged, the pain decreases and they are able to sleep longer hours at night. The massage helps to decrease the occurrence of any headaches, sleep disturbances and other adverse symptoms. It also increases sleep and appetite. Massage for headaches can also reduce muscle spasms of your whole body.

Joints- 24 Hour massage Las Vegas

People are having muscle injuries more often than they did sixty years ago. It’s definitely not because we are working or exercising harder. On the contrary, it’s just because we are moving much, much less. As we don’t use our joints much, they tend to tighten. It directly restricts our range of motion. Massage for joints, or constant exercise is essential for maintaining wide range of motion. The masseurs works on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments for your joints to move freely. There are, of course, tons of benefits of massage. Those include:
  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Balanced blood pressure
  • Brighter skin
  • Faster digestion, and etc.
For Massage Types click here.  

Asian Massage Las Vegas

Asian Massage Las Vegas

Asian Massage Las Vegas – Flexibility Overload

asian massage las vegas Asian Massage Las Vegas /Thai massage is both relaxing and spiritually uplifting only when it is done correctly. It gives the muscles a complex work-out that treats stiff and painful joints. It works by using gentle pressure on the energy lines along with the yoga moves. Now, don’t get intimidated by the word “Yoga”. It simply means the masseurs will use some really “awesome” techniques to stretch your muscles. I remember the first time I had Thai massage. It was quite entertaining to have the masseurs crawling all over my body while kneading, pulling, pushing every single fiber of me. I moaned here and there. But the moment I got up from the table and walked around the room.. It was incredible! It felt like I was light as feather and graceful as a pro ballet dancer. I know it sounds cliché, but it is the ultimate truth! That’s when I decided to master Asian massage Las Vegas /Thai massage.

What are the benefits?

The massage reduces your stress level, improves your general well-being and increases your blood circulation. Asian massage Las Vegas /Thai massage provides the client with an advanced yoga work-out. But that work-out requires no self-discipline, practice or effort on the client’s part. How great is that! A work-out where you don’t have to work out yourself !

How does it work?

Before the real stretching starts, the masseurs press along the energy line called “sen”. Energy lines are invisible and are not recognized by traditional Western medicine. However, Thai massage and other Asian massage Las Vegas practices believe that energy lines circulate throughout the body. If they are flowing freely one will be healthy and is immune to sickness and disease. But, if an energy line becomes blocked in some way, one might start to experience pain and emotional distress. The masseurs also works on all the muscle that are lined along with Sen, from every conceivable angle. The masseurs use her thumbs, palms, elbow, and soles of the feet. It depends on the physical characteristics of the client, of course. The masseurs must make sure there is no muscle left untouched. Lastly, movements of masseurs have to be pleasantly slow and rhythmic. It allows your mind and spirit to relax deeper.

What to keep in mind?

If you are receiving Asian Massage Las Vegas /Thai massage for the first time, you might find the pressing techniques a little too intense and penetrating. But, no worries! Most of my clients adapt to it very quickly. A skilled practitioner will be able to make the session effective and comfortable for each and every client.


Thai massage is not only for those who are stiff. Even young adults who feel fit and strong should try it to discover the limits of their muscle gracefulness. It feels INCREDIBLE!! Book here

Hotel in-Room Massage Las Vegas

Hotel in-Room Massage Las Vegas from True Professionals 24/7

Hotel in-room massage Las Vegas has become quite popular service in Vegas. Without the need of going out and booking a massage session in Spa center. All you have to do is make a call anytime of the day and night. Let us know your location. One of our professional therapist will be at your door in about 25-35 minutes. We are ready for 24 hour to give you the most relaxing and captivating therapeutic hotel in-room massage Las Vegas according to your preference. hotel in room massage Our assests – Our masseurs What makes us demanded is not only our availability for 24/7. Also the quality of the massage we give. As mentioned above, every single masseurs of our team has either national or state massage therapist certification.  Most of them have more than eight years of experience in physical therapy. As professionals, we do massage not just with our hands, but with our whole heart. Soul to make you feel special and truly cared for.

How does hotel in room massage Las Vegas work?

About the hotel in-room massage Las Vegas session is usually one hour. You can choose to have any kind of therapeutic massage you want after discussing about your current physical condition with the masseurs. Most of our one session clients choose to have Swedish hotel in-room massage Las Vegas. It is the most gentle and relaxing body work . Deep tissue massage. It majorly concentrates on reaching to the muscle tissue to make it stretch and put it in normal position.   From my own experience, the fusion of these two types of massage feels truly like a touch of heaven. The masseurs uses long, soft strokes to warm up the whole body .The strokes gradually become stronger to work on painful and stiff muscles. Then it becomes soft again to stimulate the relaxing hormones. Other than these two, we also offer sports massage, trigger point massage and thai massage for those who need some serious kneading.

Why not Spa?

Going to Spa and having a hot stone session is sure nice. But even if it is Vegas, most Spas close around seven o’clock in the evening.  What if you suddenly want to pamper yourself ?  Want a good massage after a long day or for the long day tomorrow?  Now you know what to do! Call us anytime of the day and night (24/7) and have a wonderful massage without stepping your foot out of your hotel room.  

Las Vegas Massage : Back pain

Back pain? You need thorough rubdown from Las Vegas Massage! 

Las Vegas Massage

Las Vegas massage. In these days, back pain is one of the most common health issues. The cause of the back pain can be anything and the method of treatment also depends on the cause. In most cases, back pain is associated with tense muscles. You can get tense muscle from exhaustion, stress, lack of exercise, and inappropriate postures are some of the main causes of back pain. las vegas massage   But, if your back pain is very severe and serious, you may be suffering from spine problem. It may also cause pain in the lower back, hips, and upper thighs. In that case, you have to have it diagnosed by a doctor and get clinical treatment. However, if you are suffering from milder pain in your upper and lower back, usually caused by intense exercise, stress or long hours of driving, it can be easily cured by both relaxing and therapeutic full body las vegas massage, concentrating on back.

Which massage is better?

There are quite a few number of relaxing therapeutic las vegas massage for back pain. Shiatsu back massage uses a technique where the pressure points of your back are activated in order to release tension from the muscles and re-initiate and fasten the flow of energy through your body.

Are you having pain in your neck and shoulder too?

Back pain, most of the time, comes with neck and shoulder pain as a “bonus”. The muscle tensions in those areas spread quickly as all the muscles of these three areas are connected. A gentle neck las vegas massage, which ends with a massage of the lower back, is the best way to keep this pain away from you. With this form of massage, using optimum techniques, the pain relief is usually immediate. In fact, if you continue to receive regular therapeutic massage sessions, you will see a remarkable improvement, both in your physical and mental health. Over a period of time, regular massages can cause permanent cessation of pain, making your muscles more flexible and relaxed. One hour relaxing las vegas massage session’s result is almost instantaneous. You will feel a lot lighter and rejuvenated. Before any massage session, it is important that you discuss your back condition with the massage therapist. The cause of your back pain is crucial in deciding the kind of massage that you will need.

Deep tissue massage for tight muscles

You should get a deep tissue massage if the cause of your back pain is stress and tensed muscles. It will not only release the tension from painful muscle, but also rejuvenate your entire body and soul. On the other hand, if the pain has been caused because of sprain or injury, the pressure should be light and smooth in order not to aggravate the pain.