to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands
 to Massage Las Vegas
 "Massage Las Vegas provides 24/7 mobile
  massage service for those days when you don't
  have enough energy to leave your home, office, or
  hotel but need a pair of healing hands

Sensual Massage Types and Which One to Choose

Sensual massage is a pleasant way to relax. If you feel like trying relaxing massage and not quite sure which type to choose, information below might help you to make a decision.

sensual massage

Different Types of Sensual Massage

Asian massage is famous for their healing powers and sensual properties. Actually, all massage types are sensual as there is skin to skin contact between therapist and the client. Some deceitful individuals or agencies use sensual massage as a cover for prostitution. But this fact should not prevent you from experiencing unique and healing therapy that solely aim for improving life.

Traditional Asian massage concentrate on body energy, known as chi flow, and holistic Asian sensual massages infuse body energy with the recipient’s sensual reactions and needs. It makes the session extremely relaxing and whole.
On the other hand, western massages, including Swedish massage, focus on relaxation and reduction of muscle pains.

Sensual Esalen Massage

Esalen sensual massage is basically same as Swedish massage. There is more interaction between recipient and the therapist than Swedish massage. Also the strokes are longer and have some sensual aspects. The massage is tailored from recipient’s needs. During the session the recipient is largely undraped and the therapist is clothed in minimal as well. Soothing music and aromatherapy is a must for Esalen massage. The purpose of this sensual massage is to give the recipient ultimate relaxation and heightened sensual energy.

Sensual Tantric Massage

Tantric massage was originated in India. It concentrates on energy flow in body, same as most Asian massages. Therapists uses pressure and strokes to stimulate and fasten the chi. At the same time they also excite the recipient’s sensuality using their entire body. Despite all this, the purpose of tantric massage is not sexual, but more spiritual.

Sensual Touch Massage

It is one of the best couple’s sensual massage. If you and your significant other is planning to have one of a kind intimate night while you are in Vegas, this is the massage type for you guys to go. Therapists help the couples to set the right and the most pleasant mood for intimacy. They do not use deep pressures and extreme joint manipulation to avoid “killing the mood”. So they use long soft strokes and sensual touches to heighten the recipients’ sexual desire and energy.

Knee Massage Las Vegas – Full body Outcall Massage in Vegas

Knee massage Las Vegas. As people start getting older, they often fall victim to strains , sprains and resulting pains. As one of the major weight bearers of the body , knees tend to take pain. Often above the age of 30 , nearly 60% percent of the adult population experience knee pain or knee stiffness.

knee massage las vegas

A physio gives myotherapy using trigger points on athlete woman

Causes Of Knee Pain:

Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, by a condition such as Arthritis or even an over use injury. Sports, exercises and other activities can cause muscle strains and more series injuries to ligaments and cartilage.

  • Knee Ligament Injury- Knee massage Las Vegas

The ligaments connect the thigh bones to the lower leg bones and keep the knee stable.Knee ligament strains and tears can cause severe knee pain.

  • Knee Cartilage Tears- Knee massage Las Vegas

Another injury includes tears in the cartilage of the knees.A tear in the knee cartilage causes knee surery.

  • Arthritis Of Knees- Knee Massage Las Vegas

Arthritis is a common cause of severe knee pain , stiffness and swelling.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Knee – Knee Massage Las Vegas

It causes the tissue around the joint to become inflames and thickened.

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee – Knee Massage Las Vegas

It is a wearing of the cartilage in the knee joint.Osteoarthritis causes limited knee motion , swelling and pain.

Knee pain can either be on the specific area of the knee and it can also diffuse through out the knee and around it . Knee pain is also accompanied by physical restriction and difficulty in movement.The treatment of the knee pain depends on the cause of the knee pain.

Home Remedies to Cure Knee Pain

If you have sprained or strained your leg remember the acronym Rice to treat it.

1. Rest

2. Ice ( Apply a cold bag to your knee )

3. Compression ( Wrap your knee in a tight compression bandage)

4. Elevation ( Rest and when you are resting make sure to keep your feet elevated)

Knee Massages

Massage is the application of various massage strokes to the body’s soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. According to a research those people who receive knee massage once or twice a week have reported more improved knee functioning.

Even for people whose knees work fine , massage tends to increase the level of serotonin in the body which promotes deep sleep , reduces anxiety and acts as a natural pain reliever. Any one facing knee pain can benefit from the massage therapy.

Las Vegas Mobile Massage – Better Digestion!

Las Vegas mobile massage therapy has been known to be beneficial to many types of health concerns, including digestion problems, so it’s no wonder that people leave their massage session feeling like a million bucks. In the case of digestive issues, massages are typically used as an aid for pain and discomfort. What digestive problems and diseases do massages help? Here are just a handful.


Las Vegas Mobile Massage- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

IBS comes with a plethora of unpleasant symptoms including constipation, and bloating. Specific massage techniques and pressure points can help relieve these problems. By massaging certain pressure points, the masseuse can help stimulate sluggish bowls. With bowls being stimulated, the severity of constipation caused by IBS can be reduced. Frequent massages can help prevent this unpleasant symptom, as well.

las vegas mobile massage

Las Vegas Mobile Massage- GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

Also known as “heartburn”, due to the burning feeling one endures, GERD can be prevented by las vegas mobile massage. Massage techniques used to aid in relief of GERD literally push the esophagus and stomach back into their proper positions. Massage also relaxes the stomach muscles and reduces stress in this area. This, in turn, aids in keeping stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs.

Las Vegas Mobile Massage- Gallstones

Gallstone attacks are painful, but the pain can be reduced by a massage. Massages move the gallstones to different locations. This helps the pain in the affected area subside.

Las Vegas Mobile Massage- Crohn’s Disease

Massage can help reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease by relieving stress. Crohn’s Disease itself is not affected by massage, but massages reduce stress, which helps ease the pain of the disease. Before a massage with this goal in mind, inform your masseuse of your condition. He or she will be know which techniques to apply and not apply. The massage techniques used to help this disease should be gentle and not inflame the digestive system anymore than it already is. The goal of a massage to help Crohn’s Disease to relax the inflamed organs.

If you’re suffering from a digestive issue not mentioned above, talk to your doctor about whether or not massage might aid in recovery from it. Often times, it will. This being said, though, some types of massages aren’t fit for certain diseases, so also ask which type of massage would be best, and which to avoid.

If you’re a United States resident and live in the Las Vegas area, this is a good place to go for massages. Having trouble deciding witch parlor to go to? Simple search “massage Las Vegas” in a search engine. You will get tons of great results and won’t be disappointed with your choice. Using this search query, you might also be able to find great deals on Las Vegas mobile massage.

Asian Outcall Massage Las Vegas- Ultimate Relaxation!

Asian outcall massage Las Vegas and in-call massage are the two types of hotel room massage offered.

asian outcall massage las vegasOutcall massage involves the therapist traveling to the client’s place- hotel, home, or office-  to offer massage services. On the contrary, in-call massage involves the massage being performed at fixed locations such as spa or massage studios. Las Vegas is a dazzling city with many best hotels and casinos in the country. For those having extravagant Las Vegas experience in a hotel room, they may be wondering where to get massage. Our outcall massage therapists are much available in all Las Vegas area. One doesn’t have to dispense the lavishness of the Vegas by wandering on the street, seeking the massage services. Our asian outcall massage Las Vegas performers can access almost all hotel rooms. You just have to call us and book an appointment. In such regard, you will be told about the rates depending on the kinds of massage and the period that the massage will take. Since our massage therapists are familiar with every hotel in Las Vegas, reaching you in the hotel room will not take longer than 30 minutes. It is important to say that out asian outcall massage Las Vegas therapists will reach your hotel room with necessary equipment once the appointment is assured.

Every hotel room has a list of companies that offer massage services in Las Vegas. You will always find our numbers there for you to call. We have been in this massage business for years, so you could always trust us with your blissful relaxation for the night. It is important to remind our customers that massage therapy should not be confused with work industry. Our massage staffs are professionals registered with Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists. The professionals have undergone rigorous training and professional development to make their work professional and pleasant to our clients. Massage etiquette in asian outcall massage Las Vegas therapists are same as those in in-call performances, with some few additions. Compared to other massage performers in Las Vegas, our overhead costs for out-call massage are extremely reasonable regardless the distance of hotel room one may be. First time visitors in Las Vegas definitely should try asian outcall massage Las Vegas in the privacy of their own room.  Order asian outcall massage Las Vegas to experience the real pain relief and relaxing ambiance for the perfect night for your stay in Vegas!

Las Vegas massage in room is for those who wants to relax and relieve their stress and anxiety. Everyone suffers from some level of anxiety stress. Stress caused from money, work, family, love, and etc. And if you do not take care of it properly, the stress will build up and affect your health quite significantly. It influences your body, your thoughts, feelings, and most devastatingly, your behavior. Stress interferes with your hormone production and all the unpleasant changes start happening in your body. You might have heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity, all which becomes the foundation of more diseases and conditions. So, managing stress is the first thing you have to do if you intend to stay healthy and enjoy your life longer.

As a massage therapist, the first thing I would recommend for relieving stress is to have therapeutic massage sessions with qualified “real” therapist. Massage is a wonderful body and mind healing method. You have no idea how much stress is reduced in your body with just one Las Vegas massage in room.

If you don’t have time to go to spa, there’s always other options for you. Las Vegas in room massage offers professional therapeutic massage in your own hotel room for 24/7.

But, if you feel like massage is not enough for you, you can make teeny tiny changes in your daily life. Those changes will eventually make your life much happier, healthier, and efficient! There are some proven methods that defeat stress proudly! Some shows its effects right away, and some takes a while to kick in, but all very effective. This time, Las Vegas massage in room suggests you to have nice hot green tea to improve your well being forever!

Green tea – Las Vegas massage in room

Huh? Sounds like a common sense.., right! The miracles of green tea have been well known not only in oriental countries, but also in western countries as well. It improves metabolism which increases fat burning and keeps you fit. It makes your brain work faster and efficient. It is one of the most effective methods to lower cancer risk. It also lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

There are many many more benefits of green tea. One of the compound that is found in fresh green tea leaves is polyphenols. It has considerably high effect against diseases. It also increases your mood! The study conducted in 2013 found that if you drink enough green tea it reduces the mental distress (stress) by 20 percent. By “enough”, I mean, at least 4 cups of green tea everyday. If you do that, you will find yourself more energetic and much happier!

las vegas massage in room

Massage Las Vegas in Room – Increase Your Muscle Mass

Massage Las Vegas in room is a great way to relax your muscles and detox your body from all the stress and tension. Massage relaxes your body THROUGH your muscles. So maintaining a sufficient amount of muscle mass is not only essential for optimum health but also having a massage to the fullest benefit. Sadly, as we age we lose certain percentage of our muscle mass every year, four to five percent each decade after the age of thirty. It’s especially true for men as they lose about thirty percent of their muscle mass in total.
massage las vegas in room
The most essential roles of muscles are wide range of mobility and bone protection. So, less muscle means more falls and fractured bones. In 2014, a study shows that people with less muscle mass than normal amount had three times the risk of fracturing their bones from just falling. So, it’s truly important to maintain and increase your muscle mass not just because it looks “awesome” but also to age healthy and graciously.

So today’s post for massage Las Vegas in room will inform you on how to maintain muscle mass and increase it throughout your WHOLE LIFE.

First of all, in order to find the solution we should know why it happens in the first place. It’s the notorious hormones orchestrating every good and bad things happening in our bodies. In our case, it would be the testosterone, hormone promoting muscle growth and as we age the hormone is produced less and less, which explains the natural decrease in muscle mass. As you already might know there are testosterone supplements that help build muscles. But it has some serious side effects and thus the FDR has not approved it yet.

Massage Las Vegas in room, so, we have only one way to maintain and rebuild our muscle mass. EXERCISE. But, it’s not just regular exercise where you only twist your joints a bit and bend forward and backwards. It should be Progressive Resistance Exercise(PRE) where you slowly increase your exercise volume, such as repetitions and weights. With this, your endurance and strength gradually improve as your muscle mass percentage becomes more favorable.

Thus, massage Las Vegas in room suggests you to highly consider two things to maintain and increase your muscle mass. Having a diet that promotes muscle growth and doing progressive resistance exercise regularly.

Protein boosting Diet – Massage Las Vegas in Room

You are what you eat! More protein means more muscles. Body breaks the protein into amino acids which are the building blocks of muscles. But, as we age our bodies lose the ability to break down the protein. This means older people have to consume more protein to build sufficient amount of muscle with the progressive resistance training. A study suggests that older people who do the PRE should take 1.2 grams for each kilogram of their body mass. For example, someone who weighs 80kg (176 pounds) should take 96 grams of protein each day. You have to divide the protein intake throughout the day, not just taking all of them in one meal. Animal meat is the best source of protein. Chicken and fish are the healthiest. Also, eggs and milk is great. But, make sure you don’t eat too much red meat and processed food as they contain high amount of saturated fat and different kinds of additives. Massage Las Vegas in room.

If it’s too much for you to change your daily diet, you can always opt for protein powder. Each scoop contains 30 grams of protein. You can add it to every kind of meal, yogurt, shakes, and etc. Very convenient. JUST MAKE SURE YOU EXERCISE as massage Las Vegas in room suggested!

Massage Las Vegas in room  next post will be about PRE.  Before that, we would like you to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and each exercise should be tailored for your body’s needs. So, if you have decided to workout regularly, don’t just copy what others are doing. To be efficient, get an experienced personal trainer for one month and see what happens. It’s pretty amazing.

Also, if you have lower back, or postural problems, check out this asian massage las vegas post.

Las Vegas Outcall Massage – Complete Muscle Relaxation

Las Vegas outcall massage offers over 8 kinds of massage. There are hundreds of massage techniques using various kinds of deep and light pressure. There are also many ways to receive massage. You can stay fully clothed, or completely naked (but covered all the time except from the area that is being massaged), sit on a chair or lay on a massage table, or even lay on thin mat on the floor. The massage could last for only a few minutes to two hours, depending on each client’s condition. Las Vegas outcall massage often offers 60 minutes massage which is a perfect length of time for relaxing massages. If you want more therapeutic massage, you should opt for 90 minutes massage so that the masseuse can focus on problematic area more.

las vegas outcall massage

Despite all those variations and different techniques, massage is all about one thing: manipulating your muscle tissues so that your muscles have no bumps and knots. Perfectly lean and straight muscle fibers are the ultimate goal of the massage therapists. In order to do so, the therapists should reach to every muscle in body, using fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows, or even feet to promote the blood flow to your muscles.

I’m sure most people would agree that massage feels good. But it does so much more than just making you feel relaxed. A study conducted in 2012 shows that massage enhances the production of compounds in body that combats with muscle injuries and inflammation.

Also, 2011 study states that a massage is extremely effective for treating chronic back pain.

Many clients complain about constant dull or sharp pain in their lower and upper back, and neck. Dull tightness and the pain are usually caused by lifestyle factors. Wrong sleeping position, wrong sitting habit, carrying handbag only in one arm, or sitting on couch too much etc, the cause could be the tiniest thing you could never have guessed. In case of sharp pain, a client should consult with doctor first and come to us with the diagnosis, only then Las Vegas outcall massage can effectively help you.

It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know what type of massage you want. Our professional Las Vegas outcall massage therapists will assess your body condition through their own techniques. Let them know if you have particular area that has been bothering you. Or if you want some really deep stretches. Massage is all about communication, just let the therapist know what you want and as professionals, she/he knows exactly what to do!

Full Body Massage Las Vegas – Wonders of Massage therapy!

full body massage las vegasHaving full body Massage Las Vegas is not luxury anymore. It’s an absolute necessity. Just as much your body needs regular exercise, good food, and enough sleep it needs full body massage for your well-being. “Why exactly do we need massage”, you ask? Well here are two of the many magics massage can do:

It is a painkiller – Full body massage Las Vegas

Recent study result states that massage activates the brain area which is activated when a person takes pills for painkiller. It could be any kind of massage. Full body massage Las Vegas is definitely effective. But if you have pain in certain area of your body, let’s say shoulders, it means your muscle fibers are tightened and contracted. You need more than just relaxing massage.Your masseuse can feel the tightened muscle by running her hands over your shoulder with a bit pressure and if she identifies any knots (the tightened and clumped muscle) it is best if she concentrates on each knot for about 30 seconds maximum, otherwise it will be painful. She will press on the knot about 10 seconds with moderate pressure and it will increase to the point you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. Make sure you take a deep breath constantly. And at the end of the session you might feel a bit drained and full of pink and red spots on your sore areas, but the next morning, you will feel so incredibly light that you might be afraid of going out on a windy day! Hehe

Warm up for exercise – Full body massage Las Vegas

 Let’s say you have a sore muscle and think “ Meh, I don’t have to spend so much money (it’s actually not that much though..) on massage, I could just work out and feel awesome!” Well, bad news! If you go to gym and work out with sore muscles, those tight muscle are going to get more clumped. Also, the tighter the muscle the more resistance it will create to your movements. It makes your arms and legs feel frustratingly heavy. In other words, work-out and massage really goes hand in hand. You have to relax and loosen your muscles. Massage is like engine oil. You have to take care of your muscle relaxation more if you work-out actively. The more miles you go the more often you have to change the oil!



Asian Room Massage

Asian Room Massage – Tui Na for Muscle and Joint Pains

asian room massage

Asian room massage Tui Na is basically a cross between shiatsu massage and acupuncture. It is applied for opening and freeing the energy channels of your body and lubricating your joints. If you are looking for a relaxing and soothing massage then Asian room massage Tui Na is definitely not for you. But, No pain, no gain, it will hurt especially if its your first time. The therapist presses the acupuncture points to stimulate the flow of energy with considerable pressure. The pain will not go away after a couple of days. But once your body gets used to the “pleasant” pain, you will get addicted to the massage as it gives your body the freedom you have never experienced.

What is Asian room massage Tui Na for?

It uses different kinds of techniques that are similar to western types of massages like Swedish and Deep tissue. The only difference of Asian room massage Tui Na is more therapeutic than regular relaxing massages. If you are suffering from chronic pain or injuries tui na will help you to relieve the pain or, with series of therapeutic sessions, heal the injuries altogether. Tui na is best for treating joint problems, injured muscles, and asymmetric skeletal structure. Also, if you have spasms during the night and constant pain in your lower and upper back and shoulders try Asian massage Tui Na with true professionals. You will be surprised by the results.

It works with energy..?

Asian room massage Tui Na does not only work on the muscles and joints. At much deeper level, it deals with the energy flow in your body. The therapist does a thorough check on client’s body with her hands and evaluate the movement of the energy. If the flow is not consistent she works on the specific body parts that promote the normal flow.

Tui Na is all about maintaining a balance in body. It is not only designed to cure problems but also to prevent them. If your energy is distributed equally to every part of your body, your health will be at the top-notch level. This is true not just for physical health, but for mental and emotional well-being as well.

If you want to just try different type of massage therapy than you normally have, we would suggest you go for Tui Na massage.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Las Vegas Asian Massage – Shiatsu Massage

las vegas asian massage

Las Vegas Asian Massage. Let alone Swedish massage, there is a time when even good deep tissue massage is not enough to relieve stress for some of our clients. That’s when the Asian massage comes in to teach some lesson to those stubborn knots and pain. And one of the most popular effective massages is Shiatsu. It calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which controls blood circulation and muscles.

Japanese and Chinese have been practicing shiatsu for hundreds of years and it got widespread since only 70’s. Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Therapists use their thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet to apply intense pressure on energy pathways in body to release the blocked energy, qi. When Qi energy, the core energy that flows through every inch of our meridian, gets blocked, the problems begin. We get stressed, fall ill, blood pressure goes down etc. Also, this Las Vegas Asian Massage concentrates on stretching and rotating limbs and joints.

There are twelve meridians in human body. Lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, heart governor, triple heater, gall bladder and liver are the meridians each regulates the specific organs.

What Does Shiatsu Feel Like?

Shiatsu, the Las Vegas asian massage, might seem like it is a bit painful as therapists use their fingers and elbows most of the time instead of their palms. The pressure level must be different on each area depending on your health condition. Some might hurt far more than others. The more the point hurts the more energy is locked there. And it has to be worked on thoroughly. But, if you feel any discomfort or serious pain, other than the “ feels good” pain during the session, it is a must that you let the therapist know so that they could adjust the pressure for you.

How does it work?

Unlike other massages, shiatsu Las Vegas Asian massage, does not use oil as there’s not need of any gliding techniques. You can have the massage fully clothed. But it would be easier for you and the masseurs if you wear loose and comfortable clothes. The treatment is done on the floor.

Why Shiatsu?

Shiatsu Las Vegas asian massage, has countless benefit to your body, mind, and soul. To name a few of them:

  • Relaxation
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Faster healings of injuries
  • Neck stiffness
  • Coughs and colds
  • Stronger joints
  • Flexible muscles
  • Menstrual pains

Book a wonderful Las Vegas asian massage here from a true professionals!

We provide only legitimate massage services by only fully Certified Massage Therapists. Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy.